Friday, March 29, 2013

Quilled Cherry Blossoms!

I attempted the "Cherry Blossoms" card in the kit. I thought it would be quite simple to make as the blossoms mainly consisted of rolled up coils. You do however, need to spread glue around the backside of each petal to hold the shape - which I didn't particularly enjoy...
I also found the blossom centres particularly difficult to make with my 'beginner skills'.

So far it's also been my least favourite card to make even though the design is particularly pretty!

Here's my attempt:

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My first attempt at Quilling

For the past couple of months I have become quite intrigued by the art of quilling.

I was quite fascinated that one could achieve such intricate and ornate looking designs simply by coiling paper strips and squishing them into various shapes. 

On a recent trip to a scrapbooking shop I spied some quilling kits and decided to take the plunge. I bought a kit from "Quilled Creations" titled "Elegant Floral Cards" (which included quilling paper, quilling instructions, 6 Oval Cutout Cards and 6 envelopes). I also bought a slotted tool and a needle tool. Quilling tools and quilling paper are relatively inexpensive, and so far I have found the craft to be quite rewarding.

I did struggle a bit to group and glue quilled shapes together to form, for example, the orchid's petals. I also found it difficult to make the stems, but I'm sure these things will become easier with practice. Here is the Sunflower and Orchid card that I've made (using the kit):