Friday, April 5, 2013

Beautiful Bangles *TUTORIAL*

What you'll need:
  • Plastic cold drink bottle - cylindrical shape
  • Sharp scissors to cut through the plastic
  • Double sided scrapbooking tape
  • A needle and thread
  • Thin batting (wadding)
  • Fabric - preferably something that doesn't fray too much
  • Scissors for cutting the fabric and batting
  • Some sequence and beads for decoration 

Here's what you do:

1. Remove the sticker/wrapper from the plastic bottle and give the bottle a wash.

2. Decide how broad you want your bangle to be. The batting is going to add some thickness so remember to take this into account.

3. Next you are going to cut your bangle.

    It's easier cutting the bottle from the inside - like this:

    As opposed to cutting it from the outside:

4. You now have a strip of plastic which is going to form the base of your bangle. Measure it around your wrist making sure that it can fit over your hand. Make it slightly looser as the batting layer is going to slightly restrict the size and leave a slight overlap. Using a little piece of double sided tape - stick the edges together into a bangle shape.

5. Next cut your batting. You need to cut it double the width of the plastic strip and long enough to fit around the bangle completely. Run a strip of double sided tape  right down the centre.

6. Remove the backing paper and stick the batting around the bangle.

It should now look like this:

7. Now you need to wind some cotton thread around the bangle to secure the batting in place.

8. Add another layer of batting and repeat step 7.

9. We are going to add one more layer of batting to smooth everything out. This time we are going to sew the batting together instead of winding cotton thread around it.

It should now look like this:

10. Now we are going to add some colour!

Cut a strip of fabric big enough to cover your bangle - remembering to include a slight overlap. Wrap the fabric around your bangle, and stitch the short edges together (seam) using invisible ladder stitch.

11. Now for the most difficult part. You need to secure the fabric to the bangle using overhand stitch. Try and stitch as neatly as you can.

12. You're almost done! Embellish your bangle by sewing some beads and sequence to it.


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