Friday, April 12, 2013

Tassel Charm Bracelets!

This bracelet was quick and easy to make Wink I followed this tutorial:
I made some small tassels using embroidery cotton and then fixed the tassels to the bracelet with jump rings

I then came up with the thought that it would be great to mix and match tassels instead of making several different bracelets. I made several more tassels in different colours and attached a lobster clasp to each one, so now I can 'customise' the bracelet to suit my mood or outfit.


  1. I actually really find those colored charm interesting. I never actually thought of having anything like that on my bracelet. I have been looking for relate-able Pandora style charms for my Mom and I to start our bracelets. Thanks so much for sharing your crafty charms.

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